Our dear and loving God,

We join together as a community of Christ followers in praying for the families and loved ones of those who were killed in Christchurch, NZ last week. In a world of hate and violence, we pray that the peace of Christ will find a home in their lives, our hearts, and those whom we influence. Today, as we worship you, there are children, spouses, and other close family members and friends who are deep in mourning. We pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for them. We pray for the provisions of God to become abundant through the hands of caring people to meet their temporal needs. Our hearts are heavy with the pain and loss. We confess our own brokenness. We mourn the deficiencies of our human condition which we all share as the source of such hurt. In our sadness we turn to The One, who alone is able to do more than we ask.

By the grace of Jesus Christ, we pray in humility,


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