Steering Committee

Alton Garrison - Assemblies of God

Barbara Jeffery - The Salvation Army 

Barry Callen - Church of God Ministries, Anderson

Benjamin L. Hartley - United Methodist Church

Bernie van de Walle - Christian & Missionary Alliance 

Brian Eckhardt - The Evangelical Church 

Bud Pugh - Church of the Nazarene

Carla Sunberg - Nazarene Theological Seminary

Chuck Sunberg - Church of the Nazarene

Dan Copp - Church of the Nazarene

Dan Schafer - Shepherd Community Center

Dave Imboden - WHC

Dave Veach -  The Foursquare Church

David Drury - The Wesleyan Church

David Kelly - The Salvation Army 

David Kendall - Free Methodist Church

Stephen Banfield - The Salvation Army 

Don Thorsen - Azusa Pacific University

Doris Barr - Brethren in Christ

Fawn Imboden - WHC/America's Christian Credit Union

Hubert Harriman - World Gospel Mission

Ildo Mello - Free Methodist Church Brazil

Jerry Kester - Church of the Nazarene

Jesse Middendorf - Church of the Nazarene

Jonathan Raymond - WHC At Large Member

Joseph James - Free Methodist Church

Karen Jones-Porter - Church of the Nazarene 

Kate Wallace - WHC/The Junia Project

Kevin Mannoia - Wesleyan Holiness Consortium 

Kimberly Dirmann - The Foursquare Church

Lucia Delamarter - Free Methodist Church

Lynn Thrush - Brethren in Christ 

Mari Gonlag - Southern Wesleyan University

MaryAnn Hawkins - Church of God, Anderson

Mendell Thompson  - America's Christian Credit Union

Mike Palmer - Church of the Nazarene

Roger Green - The Salvation Army

Shirley Mullen - WHC Presidents Network

Stephen Sidorak - United Methodist Church

Steve Tourville - Assemblies of God

Vicki Copp - Church of the Nazarene

February 6, 2018
Lectureship on
Holy Living 2018:

Holiness & Social Justice in
Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

Azusa Pacific University
Azusa, CA

February 20, 2018
Ohio Regional Network Gathering
Location TBA

March 9, 2018
SoCal Holiness Pastors'
& Leaders' Day
Salvation Army College
for Officers Training
Rancho Palos Verdes

April 5, 2018
WHC Denominational Heads Meeting
National Headquarters
of the Salvation Army
Alexandria, VA

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