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What is WHC?

The Wesleyan Holiness Connection is a relational network of churches, schools, and organizations committed to bringing God’s holiness into full and transforming engagement with today’s culture. Rarely has there been a more dynamic time for God’s holiness to make a difference in our communities and world. The participating WHC denominations and institutions share a common heritage in the historic holiness movement and desire nothing less than a fresh expression of holiness in the 21st Century.  With an emphasis on personal and social holiness, we together lean forward in navigating the tough issues that confront us. We draw from the deep well of our identity and heritage rooted in the broad holiness movement.

You will find resources, history, and inspiring fresh ideas to channel your passion…

Take time to explore this site. You will find resources, history, and inspiring fresh ideas to channel your passion to partner with God in making a difference in meaningful ways that reflect God’s holy character. There are many groups represented here, like — regional networks of church leaders, networks of top denominational heads, connections with colleges and universities, publishing opportunities, and relevant statements of engagement reflecting the holiness stream of Christianity.

How did we get here?

Although flowing from lifelong priorities of many collaborating persons, including principal founder, Kevin Mannoia, the idea of the WHC was first conceived in 2002 at a breakfast meeting in Pasadena with three friends – Donald Dayton, David Bundy, and Kevin Mannoia. Building on relational connections, Mannoia secured commitments of denominational heads to launch a three-year project called the Wesleyan Holiness Study Project. The resulting documents and collective thinking has fueled denominations, universities, local churches and leaders in raising the profile of the Holiness message and movement globally. The WHC continues to develop statements and collaboratively written documents that inform pastors and leaders on relevant societal issues.

The WHSP was redirected in 2006 at a meeting of the sponsoring denominational heads in Dallas. Priorities established included, fresh thinking on missional holiness, development of regional networks of leaders and pastors, relevant engagement through youth and contemporary issues from a Wesleyan Holiness foundation. Building upon the strong theological reflection and ongoing collaborative thinking and writing, the WHC has begun to build unity among churches and leaders with common roots in the Holiness tradition.  This includes reweaving groups once segregated in the 20th century over Pentecostal and revivalist themes and also over black and white traditions.

A key goal of the WHC has been to rekindle the passion and profile of the Holiness message…

A key goal of the WHC has been to rekindle the passion and profile of the Holiness message by a fresh articulation of Holiness in the 21st Century and the centering principle of unity in Holiness. The WHC has multiplied regional networks of church leaders as well as affinity groups such as university/college presidents, women clergy, anti-human trafficking, and publishing to fuel the movement. Formed as the publishing arm of the WHC, Aldersgate Press has published multiple books centering on practical holiness and provides a pastoral journal for leaders.

Key sponsoring relationships were formed with Azusa Pacific University and America’s Christian Credit Union providing mutual benefits to both. Most recently a similar sponsoring relationship has developed with World Gospel Mission. The WHC continues to remain focused upon being a relational network unifying churches, leaders, and institutions around the fresh articulation of Holiness – personal and social – in the 21st Century.

The WHC continues to remain focused upon being a relational network unifying churches, leaders, and institutions around the fresh articulation of Holiness – personal and social – in the 21st Century.


Universities and Colleges

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Ambrose University College
American Indian College
Anderson University
Asbury University
Azusa Pacific University
Bethel College
Booth College
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities
Central Christian College of Kansas
College for Officer Training – Canada
College for Officer Training – Chicago
College for Officer Training – Crestmont
College for Officer Training – New York
Crown College
Eastern Nazarene College
Emmanuel College
Evangel University
Evangeline Booth College
George Fox University
Global University
Greenville College
Houghton College
Huntington University
Indiana Wesleyan University
Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Kingswood University
Latin American Bible Institute Texas
Latin American Bible Institute La Puente
Lee University
Life Pacific College
Malone University
Messiah College
Mid America Nazarene University
Mid-America Christian University
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Native American Bible College
Nazarene Bible College
North Central University
Northwest Nazarene University
Northwest University
Nyack College/Alliance Theo. Seminary
Ohio Christian University
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Olivet Nazarene University
Pacific Life Bible College
Pillar College
Point Loma Nazarene University
Roberts Wesleyan College
Seattle Pacific University
Simpson University
Southeastern University
Southwestern Christian University
Southern Nazarene University
Southern Wesleyan University
Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Spring Arbor University
Tyndale University College & Seminary
Toccoa Falls College
Trevecca Nazarene University
Trinity Bible College
Trinity Western University
Valley Forge Christian College
Vanguard University
Warner Pacific College
Warner University
Western Bible College
Wesleyan Holiness Consortium

Steering Committee

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Alan Robinson – Brethren in Christ
Andrea Summers – The Wesleyan Church
Barry Callen – Church of God Ministries, Anderson
Ryan Danker – United Methodist Church
Bernie van de Walle – Christian & Missionary Alliance
Brian Eckhardt – The Evangelical Church
Bud Pugh – Church of the Nazarene
Carla Sunberg – Church of the Nazarene
Carron Odokarra – Church of God, Anderson / WHWC                  Christina Smerick – Northwest Nazarene University                      Chuck Sunberg – Church of the Nazarene                              Clovis Paradela – WHC Brazil Regional Leadership                        Colleen Weaver – One Missionary Society
Dan Schafer – World Gospel Mission                                        David Bartley – Nazarene                                                           David Han – Pentecostal Theological Seminary                              David Thomas – Seedbed                                                             Don Thorsen – Azusa Pacific University                                  Frank Valdivia – International Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Ildo Mello – Free Methodist Church Brazil                             Joleen Hodder – Salvation Army
John Richardson – Church of God in Christ                                John Rinehimer – World Gospel Mission
Kevin Mannoia – Wesleyan Holiness Consortium
Luke Embree – Brethren in Christ
Lynn Thrush – Brethren in Christ
Mari Gonlag – Southern Wesleyan University                                  Marla Persinger – World Gospel Mission                                  Matt Thomas – Free Methodist
Melvin Aquino – Wesleyan Church Philippines                                Michael Johnson – Church of God in Christ
Oscar Owens – West Angeles Church of God in Christ
Patrick Styers – The Wesleyan Church
Robert Langat – Africa Gospel Church – Africa
Roger Green – The Salvation Army                                        Ronald Walborn – NYACK College                                              Ryan Thorson – Evangelical                                                     Shirley Mullen – WHC Presidents Network                             Susan Armstrong – Church of the Nazarene/WHWC                     Tom Overton – Hope 61 – OMS
Trisha Welstad – Leadership Center                                          Vicki VannBerstein – America’s Christian Credit Union

Our Sponsors

America's Christian Credit Union
World Gospel Mission

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Wesleyan Holiness Connection (WHC)
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2100 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740
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