When will we learn? Is it even possible? Another incident of racism, discrimination, prejudice, injustice – sin. One person thinking himself better than another; presuming to have greater value because of the incidental difference of color. Are we truly reduced to such a low level of vision for one another? How will it go away?

No person, not anyone, can be justified in making any action or statement that minimizes another person and undermines the value of another person created in the image of God. Yet we seem to tolerate and live with such obvious breaches of our fundamental identity as image bearers. Whether it is the death of millions in the genocides of central African nations – and few people even knew about it; or the repeated shootings, killings, highly visible attacks – and many just look away; they all inure culture to the root issues and the core of who we really are.

On a recent zoom call talking about the public killing of George Floyd, someone posted in the chat: “White people, wake up.” At first blush it sounds divisive and inflammatory. But in reality it is the right call. There is no doubt that some people have privilege. The question is what people do with that privilege. When it is presumed to accrue from the skin color, it anesthetizes people to the apathy and ignorance that will quickly come. God help us.

God has lovingly created us – each and every one of us – in God’s own image!

The diversity you see is an invitation from the God who made us so in order to find the deepest form of unity in our identity as God’s children – all of us. Yet the Evil One twists that diversity luring us to become slaves to our apathy and ignorance thereby valuing others relative to our own image. Shake off the apathetic shroud that leads to isolation. Read the story of George Floyd; Pray earnestly; and allow God to shape your outlook toward other people. Take seriously the fight against ignorance by humbling yourself to the deepest truth of all: God has lovingly created us – each and every one of us – in God’s own image!

Kevin W. Mannoia
Founder, Executive Director