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Aldersgate PressWho Are We?

Aldersgate Press was formed in 2011 as the publications arm of the Wesleyan Holiness Connection. It represents the coordinated effort of the various church groups that form the WHC and intends to fuel with fresh writing the growing interest in and influence of Christian holiness in the twenty-first century. People with differing gifts and denominational affiliations form the Publications Team to govern Press operations under the supervision of the WHC Board of Directors. They are: Barry Callen, Chair and Edior, Bernie Van De Walle, Publisher, and Don Thorsen. (See also: Aldersgate Press Leadership Positions & Persons)

What’s Our Mission?

The mission of Aldersgate Press is to be a communication channel extending the ministry of the Wesleyan Holiness Connection. Of particular concern is the encouraging of a new generation of authors to focus on the growing interest in transformed Christian living by appropriating in their writings the meanings and implications of Christian holiness for contemporary believers, cultures, and structures. Such timely and creative focus will be a motivating force to invigorate particularly those in the traditional holiness and pentecostal movements toward greater power, passion, and unity in contemporary church mission. (See also: Mission, Vision & Goals)

What’s Our History of Publishing?

The Wesleyan Holiness Study Project was begun in 2004 and soon matured into the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium. The Study Project produced two significant essay documents that re-established the vision of unity and power resident in the holiness message. These documents, soon widely distributed, helped launch the publishing history of the WHC. The first, in February, 2006, was the “Holiness Manifesto.” Then in March, 2007, came “Fresh Eyes on Holiness: Living Out the Holiness Manifesto.” In 2008 came the major volume The Holiness Manifesto (eds., Kevin Mannoia and Don Thorsen, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.). In early 2011, the WHC released two books to further establish the feasibility of a new publishing ministry. These books were Maximum Faith by George Barna and Masterful Living by Kevin Mannoia. By late 2011 the Consortium, through its Board of Directors and Publications Team, formally established its own publishing arm, Aldersgate Press. The first two Aldersgate books were released in 2012, Heart & Life co-edited by Barry Callen and Don Thorsen and a revised edition of Kevin Mannoia’s Masterful Living. Many others have followed since.

What’s the Process for Handling Submissions for Publishing Consideration?

Unsolicited submissions are welcomed by Aldersgate Press. They must fall clearly within the scope of the particular mission of the Press (see: Mission, Vision and Goals)

All submissions are to be directed to the Editor, Barry L. Callen, in e-format

A submission goes into and potentially all the way through a four-tier process of evaluation, decision, and publication.

Contact Us

Mailing Address

Wesleyan Holiness Connection (WHC)
c/o America's Christian Credit Union
2100 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740
Attn: Renita Richardson


The Wesleyan Holiness Connection is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and tax-deductible receipts are sent for all gifts.