It can be a dangerous thing to venture into a conversation about politics right about now.  It seems there is as much anger and vitriolic rhetoric now as during the general campaign.  People from other places in the world are equally divided and opinionated. The good thing is that people are deeply invested in making their community/country better. But the ongoing divisiveness over how to do that can distract from the focus of each person engaging how we may.
For those whose citizenship is not of this world, who identify first as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven and second as a sojourner in this world, there is the eternal knowledge that God will be present and will act through Christ-followers who reflect Him well.  Whether happy or sad with the outcome, the security of Christ brings deep peace and assurance.  Though Christ-followers should be appropriately engaged and active in our communities, deeply interested in matters that affect how people are treated and policy is shaped, the eternal hope of Christ is in living as Kingdom citizens. 
Walking this balance between being in the world yet not of the world is not easy. Perhaps you worked very hard and your candidate was not elected…or was. In either case, the Christ-follower walks in humility, reflects the grace of Christ, is assured that we may bring Jesus as salt and light into any circumstances. So whether you are happy or whether you are sad, may I exhort you to stay engaged with people around you; work hard as a citizen of your country but be confident of your citizenship in Heaven; bring the hope and peace of Christ to your work; live humbly as Christ is reflected through you.
Blessings and peace to you,

Kevin Mannoia