“You’re not good enough!” “You can’t do this!” “You are worthless!” — words that may run through your head when you put your head on the pillow at night. It’s when no one else is talking to you; you are alone with your thoughts in the dark of the night. And it keeps you from sleeping. Or perhaps in the loneliness of your car or workplace they come to you. The voices in your head keep squeezing the life out of you; pushing you down; battering your heart. It’s easy to succumb to those voices and believe them. Pretty soon the narrative of your life is failure, lack of purpose, meaningless living that sucks the life out of you. After all, “You’re not good enough!”

But wait! There’s another voice – remember the gentle whisper? That’s God standing off to one side. He’s giving you deference and letting you direct your life however you wish. He won’t intrude, won’t take over, won’t dominate your life. He just whispers to counteract the voices in your head. He is the One who formed you, shaped you, gifted you, and gently calls you! And every time you hear the voices in your head telling you you’re not good enough, listen for God’s whisper behind that – “Way to go!” “Go forward!” “Don’t be afraid!” You see, God believes in you!!

So…which voice will you listen to? Rise to the call! Awaken and live! Throw yourself into the hope of Christ for you! You have been wonderfully made by your God – and He loves you!

Bless you!