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Aldersgate PressSubmission Process for Publication Consideration

Four-Tier Process for Evaluation, Consideration, and Publication


The Editor receives a submission and does an initial screening. Each submission is cleared for Tier #2 if. . .

  • The submission is judged appropriate to and possibly a priority for the mission of Aldersgate Press.
  • All expected proposal-related materials are received with the submission and judged acceptable. The materials are:
    • A professional vita of the author.
    • If a full manuscript is available,
      • a copy of it in PDF digital format, and
      • a one-page statement of the central thesis and burden of the work, including the particular readership envisioned.
    • If a full manuscript is not yet available:
      • a one-page statement of the central thesis and burden of the work, including the particular readership envisioned;
      • a tentative table of contents that includes the anticipated chapters, with one paragraph for each chapter that highlights that chapter’s basic content and the role it will play in the larger manuscript
      • at least one chapter fully drafted; and
      • information on how much of the manuscript is already written and when the full work will be completed.

TIER #2:

A review committee is formed by the Editor and given all submitted materials for independent review and evaluation. Individuals chosen as reviewers have some natural affinity with the subject and are known to have evaluative ability and appreciation for the mission of Aldersgate Press. Each member of the review committee forwards to the Editor her/his recommendation not to publish, to publish when complete, or to reconsider only after specific changes are made in focus, design, readership, or whatever. As may be appropriate, the Editor may name one of the reviewers as a consultant to work with the writer in the further development of the manuscript.


TIER #3:

If the recommendations of review committee members are to publish, the Editor concurs, and the full manuscript is completed to the satisfaction of the Editor and review consultant (if one was named), the Editor presents the manuscript and recommendation to the WHC Publications Team, asking for its decision to publish.


TIER #4:

Following a decision of the Publications Team to publish, the manuscript is forwarded by the Editor to the operations partner of Aldersgate Press for the actual set-up and publishing process. All work of the operations partner is subject to approval of the Editor/Publications Team prior to actual printing.

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